Sunday, August 26, 2012

Writers Corner #1

I hate Twilight *plain and simple* and I believe most of the comic book community does too. Twilight has this weird way of messing with peoples minds, and forcing you to become a slave of its sheer allure. I myself used to be a major "Twitard" and its all because Stephanie Meyer did an amazing job at getting girls to see themselves as Bella so they live out Bella's perfect life complete with a sexy sparkly fairy vampire. When I was a twilight fan I was more certifiably insane than I am now. Twilight took over my life practically. I talked Twilight, dreamt Twilight, took crazy pictures with Edward Cullen cardboard cutouts, and sadly the strong influence of Twilight began to take control of my writing. Before I was a Twilight fan I basically wrote fantasy/adventure novels *very poor ones to be honest* but Twilight gave me the crazy idea "Hey...Paranormal fantasy is popular. That can't be too hard to write". So I decided to take a swing at the "Forbidden Genre" using Twilight as the basis for the story.

   Despite my mind being full of terrible *and sometimes not appropriate* Twilight thoughts, I was smart enough to not include the cliche paranormal romance figures *basicly werewolves and vampires*. In order to do "research" I decided to flip on the Travel channel and watch a special on paranormal creatures seen across America. I had to find something that I could easily turn into something attractive *and dark and brooding*. Sasquatch and aliens were too predictable, and merpeople is wrong *even though it does fit into the bestiality category that Twilight loves*. My options were growing thin but my eye managed to catch the creature that nobody would ever expect to see in any kind of Young Adult Paranormal romance. I "Twilightified" Moth man. I turned him from the terrifying creature of the night into a good looking grey skinned man with a black mask/bodysuit with bright red eyes and large moth-like wings. was THAT bad.
The premise was simple to be honest.  In 1967, A young and antisocial girl named Valerie moves to West Virginia.   Soon she is swept up in a war between two different races of moth men.  It would have ended with The Silver Bridge collapsing and both our main characters being killed together. Sort of a downer ending, but I enjoy writing downer endings. It also would explain why Moth Man disappeared after the bridge collapse. I remember after reading the first couple chapters going “Wow….I just destroyed this creature". I quickly abandoned that idea out of sheer fear that if I ever posted it onto my old blog I'd get ripped to shreds by both Twilight fans and the entire state of West Virginia.  Recently I have thought of maybe redoing it but taking out the sappy romance story and have it sole focus on a more accurate interpretation of Moth Man and his connection with the bridge collapse but for now my poor Moth Man story is left abandoned.

 Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fangirl Freakout #2


    There comes a time in every films developement that we just sit there and go "What!?" and that time has come.  Recently we've gotten some pretty big news regarding some Gunn dude being the possible GOTG director.  I mean we all know Gunn for directing such classics as....*goes on IMDB* Slither, and who can ever forget Super. Yeah I have no idea who the heck he is but all I know so far is that fanboys seem to be pretty happy about it.  If they're happy I'm happy.  I mean whats the worse that can happen.......*remembers Iron Man 2....oh...*.

     The Dark Knight Rises continues to sink down lower on the box office top 10s which makes me pity this film soo much.  I feel bad for the fact that this good film is being considered disappointing, and that such horrible events have happened during its screenings.  I think it's cursed to be honest.  Its a pity that this film will be remembered for its bad luck. Then again....this is the film that decided to make Robin a last-minute fan service so maybe it dipping from spot 1-to-3-to-7 is just justice for that atrocity. 

   Though by far the most entertaining news of this week *so far* is the Avengers DVD features leak.  I knew that Joss Whedon would give us an hilarious blooper reel and by god did he deliver.  The bloopers are hilarious to say the least!  My particular favorite being Maria Hills freak out over Coulson's death.  Who knew that she accurately predicted the reactions to millions of Clint/Coulson fangirls when they saw his death *May 4th was a sad day for many fangirls including me*.  The second feature that I found to be amazing was the deleted scene of Steve Rogers.  Man....did that scene hit me with a bunch of sad feels.  Evans, I hate you for making me feel all depressed during that scene.  I am really hoping for scenes like that in Captain America: Winter Soldier because dammit....I wanna be depressed!  I want Captain America: Winter Soldier to be a lot more serious and dark *I know that's the dreaded word thanks to Nolan* but a more serious tone works well with the Winter Soldier storyline.  Here's hoping the Russo brothers don't mess it up.

   While I would talk about more news, I've sadly been attacked by the horrible creature known as "Advanced Math" and I am losing the battle.  Seriously children....Math sucks. Don't worry...I'll try my hardest to defeat the cruel Math Monster so for now

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

Random thought:  Lately I've had some odd obsession with Assassin's Creed. I don't know why. I don't even play video games!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Writers corner: An Intro

       When I am not obsessing over two minutes from a major movie in the form of a trailer, or planning my wedding with my future husband Joseph Gordon Levitt, I like to write stories *and not slash fic. Suprised aren't ya*.  Throughout the years I’ve written several stories, some horrifically bad that if I ever got them published I would get ripped to shreds, to outlines for tv shows that are a fanboys dream.  In order to bore teach you guys about the stories I have written and not written, I’m making this new mini series called “Writers Corner”.  In this mini series I’ll just talk about my old stories and ideas dating from my horrible “Twilight days” to my more modern ideas.  You'll hear of my horrible Twilightesque story which would have destroyed the reputation of a non-so-well known paranormal creature, to my sci-fi story all about time, fantastical realms and the creation and destruction of the universe.  Here's my schedule for this "Writers Corner":

1. The Twilight-like story that would put even Stephanie Meyer *and the entire state of Wisconsin* to shame.
2. My first high-fantasy story which stood on the fine line of Young adult fiction and children's fiction.  The title was actually "The Talking Cake" (DONT LAUGH!)
3. "Quest to the City of Gold".  It was a spy-like adventure whose plot holes were soo huge that I could spend a whole post on *and I eventually will*
4. "Diary of a Lip gloss Addict".  My first full length teen drama series that spanned several novels. 
5.  The Batman. Lets just say it marks the beginning of my good writing
6. "Realm of the Time Gods".  Based off all I've written for this 4 season tv show, its my best work yet.
7. My future ideas.

Since this is just an introduction I'm gunna finish this up by saying this.....your gunna hate the Twilightesque story.

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Fangirl Flashback

Remember when we were all freaking out over whether superman had trunks or not? Yeah that was the only time I had a legit reason to stare at a guys crotch in search for panties.  It also revealed how obsessive we *us fans* are about certain details.  It was quite amusing.  Just thought I would bring that up seeing as though the Man of Steel News Drought continues.

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

How to make your Guardians of the Galaxy movie and not fail

Hey guys! You remember that Black Panther and Doctor Strange movie we have been waiting on for years! You're not getting it! Instead your getting a talking raccoon, Treebeard's cousin and some dude named after the male genitalia.  Yes I am speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Marvel studios most daring and most non-Avengers related project coming out in 2014 *you know two years after the apocalypse. I’m sure Hell has movie theatres*.  As we all know Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t as well known as Spider man or even Thor. I didn’t even know who they were, and being a teenager I know everything.  With such an unknown sci-fi superhero group we have to look back on the last sci-fi superhero film. It’s the film we all love to hate…Green lantern.  Now I analyzed that film with a group of comic book nerds and we came down to a unanimous decision….that we should turn this crap off and go watch Firefly.  After watching Firefly and arguing over how much we miss that show, we decided to create a list of things necessary for making Guardians of the Galaxy good.  Oh and by “we” I mean my imaginary friends and I. 

1). A Good Script: It’s the most important thing.  If you don’t have a good script then give up now and go make another Iron man film cause you seem to only give the good scripts to him.  You need a solid script or else the movie will fail.  The script GOTG needs is one that can balance humor and sci-fi action in a rich and epic way *but not too epic because we don’t wanna insult Avengers*.  We should get great comedy from our favorite little gun-wielding Raccoon and some big scale sci fi action.

2) A director who actually cares One of the failures of Green lantern was that the director obviously didn’t care about the movie and didn’t know anything about the genre. One of the many wonderful things about The Avengers is that the director Joss Whedon *aka Jesus* cared a lot for the comics and fit the movie perfectly. Guardians of the Galaxy needs somebody with experience in sci-fi or at least ensemble films.  The director needs to be capable of directing action, comedy and drama on a large scale. Basically we need somebody epic…and sadly Whedon is busy.

3) We all are anticipating Avengers 2 but please don’t shove it down our throats One of the flaws of “Phase 1” was that they basically were Avengers prequels.  Many characters, events and Easter eggs were thrown in just to foreshadow Avengers.  While it’s not technically a bad thing, it kind of prevented the films from becoming great solo films that you can watch without thinking of Avengers.  In Guardians of the Galaxies I can’t see there being many opportunities to throw in Avengers references and foreshadowing outside of Thanos.  I really hope that they don’t throw in some unnecessary Stark reference *like have Star-lord work for some Stark-funded space exploration program or something*, or have some cameo by a character who we’ll later find out is in Avengers 2.  In my opinion they should have Guardians of the Galaxy mostly work as a stand-alone film and have the after credit scene be the thing that leads into Avengers 2. Just plan your After credit scenes well, we don’t need another “Sinestro puts on the yellow ring” incident.  Yeah I’ll admit it….Marvel rocks at After credit scenes and I just threw in that Sinestro reference to have it relate to Green lantern. Whatevs

4) We’ve seen Earth dozens of times, give us something new A major flaw with some of these sci-fi films is that they tend to stay on Earth too much, Case in point, Green lantern and Thor.  Both films tended to focus more on Earth than the fantastical realms that are much more interesting. Whether it be budget or “wanting to play safe and relatable”, it gets old.  We know what Earth is like. I hope Guardians of the Galaxy is mostly set in space and that we get to see new cool parts of the Marvel universe.  Leave Earth to the Avengers, because we all know people will be asking “Where are the Avengers during all of this?” during a fight scene on Earth. 

5) Casting is key I don’t need to speak much about this because Marvel usually does a good job at casting.  My bet is that they’ll probably cast some young mid-20s-30s actor for the lead and surround him by bigger name stars.  I hope that they don’t feel like since this is an unknown comic group that we need to cast all A-list stars in order to get attention.  That was the same logic for Green lantern and other than for Mark Strong that didn’t work out too well.  Cast actors based off how well they fit the part rather than how famous/safe they are.  In fact the only well known actor I want cast is this: 

  Yeah that’s right…I think Kirsten Stewart would make an amazing Groot.

6) Don’t mess up the marketing   You see what John Carter and Green lantern did? Do the opposite of that.

7) Don’t fail A lot is riding on this film.  It’s a perfect chance to make a really unknown character(s) popular and give a huge middle finger to WB for getting a sci-fi superhero film right while they failed with a far more popular character. Please Marvel….give Dc the biggest middle finger ever. We all want you to

Until we hear official news, we’re all left to just simply pray that Marvel doesn’t mess this up worse than Iron Man 2 *I mean talk about getting everybody all hyped up and then totally letting us down*.   And as always

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fangirl Categories

Ever since the beginning of time, there have been fan girls.  We all know that there was some crazy girl out there OCDing over the cave paintings or how "Romeo art the most beautiful".  Except I doubt the fan girls back then are as crazy as they are now.  Modern day fan girls are very different. Instead of fangirling over sane stuff, we now got werewolves that have 12-pack abs and superheroes who do not seem to have the ability to keep their shirts on.  Not that I am complaining about sexy actors not wearing their shirts, but it has come at the cost of our sanity.  Ever since I became a fan girl I have quickly seen my sanity go down the toilet *much like Taylor Kitsch's career*.

I personally am in three major fan girl categories:

1. Slash fans.  The men of the online community seem to find us to be very...disgusting to say the least.  Its not our fault that some of the male and characters in movie make such cute couples. Sometimes they even try to force us to "ship" them.  Case in point: Charles and Erik, and Sherlock and John Watson.  The creators of the shows/movies are very aware of the crazy fangirls so they mess with our emotions. Do not lie to yourself....Charles and Erik are SO having eye sex the entire movie and dont get me started on Marvel's most popular ship "SuperHusbands".  Its pretty much safe to say that Slash ruined my life *and my iphone* in the most wonderful way.

2. Comic book movie fan girls.  I'm more of a Marvel fan girl but I used to be "Team DC" *yeah we got our own little Team war. Eat your heart out Team Edward*.  You see I used to be a bad ass Dc fan, but Green lantern and the pesky "Non-Nolan curse" Marvelized me, and now I'm just a big fluffy Marvel fan.  Currently I'm following the development of Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2, and Thor 2.  You might have noticed that I didn't include Iron man 3 on that list, well that's because I do not care for Iron man.  You can bash me in the comment section later.

3. Movie Fan girl.  Now I know what your thinking "Doesn't that count as a Comic Book movie fan girl?", well not really.  I'm willing to watch any movie as long as it gets good reviews and I enjoy watching non-CBMs. I know that's hard to believe but I do.  In fact most of the films on my "most anticipated list" are non-comic book movies.  That list includes the still Untitled Star Trek Sequel, Lincoln *because we all know that's Oscar bait*, Django Unchained and several other films that are only important to me.

Being a fangirl of both three things definitely makes life interesting, especially when I have barely anybody in real life to talk to.  Most of the time I express my inner fan girl to the people online, and my dad *who I believe doesn't know what I'm talking about*.  Hopefully with this blog I can discuss all my inner fan girl thoughts regarding certain comic book movie developments as well as the stories I am working on.  Thankfully you wont have to deal with my long fan girl freakouts till later so....

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

-The Fangirl