Monday, August 20, 2012

Writers corner: An Intro

       When I am not obsessing over two minutes from a major movie in the form of a trailer, or planning my wedding with my future husband Joseph Gordon Levitt, I like to write stories *and not slash fic. Suprised aren't ya*.  Throughout the years I’ve written several stories, some horrifically bad that if I ever got them published I would get ripped to shreds, to outlines for tv shows that are a fanboys dream.  In order to bore teach you guys about the stories I have written and not written, I’m making this new mini series called “Writers Corner”.  In this mini series I’ll just talk about my old stories and ideas dating from my horrible “Twilight days” to my more modern ideas.  You'll hear of my horrible Twilightesque story which would have destroyed the reputation of a non-so-well known paranormal creature, to my sci-fi story all about time, fantastical realms and the creation and destruction of the universe.  Here's my schedule for this "Writers Corner":

1. The Twilight-like story that would put even Stephanie Meyer *and the entire state of Wisconsin* to shame.
2. My first high-fantasy story which stood on the fine line of Young adult fiction and children's fiction.  The title was actually "The Talking Cake" (DONT LAUGH!)
3. "Quest to the City of Gold".  It was a spy-like adventure whose plot holes were soo huge that I could spend a whole post on *and I eventually will*
4. "Diary of a Lip gloss Addict".  My first full length teen drama series that spanned several novels. 
5.  The Batman. Lets just say it marks the beginning of my good writing
6. "Realm of the Time Gods".  Based off all I've written for this 4 season tv show, its my best work yet.
7. My future ideas.

Since this is just an introduction I'm gunna finish this up by saying this.....your gunna hate the Twilightesque story.

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

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