Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fangirl Freakout #2


    There comes a time in every films developement that we just sit there and go "What!?" and that time has come.  Recently we've gotten some pretty big news regarding some Gunn dude being the possible GOTG director.  I mean we all know Gunn for directing such classics as....*goes on IMDB* Slither, and who can ever forget Super. Yeah I have no idea who the heck he is but all I know so far is that fanboys seem to be pretty happy about it.  If they're happy I'm happy.  I mean whats the worse that can happen.......*remembers Iron Man 2....oh...*.

     The Dark Knight Rises continues to sink down lower on the box office top 10s which makes me pity this film soo much.  I feel bad for the fact that this good film is being considered disappointing, and that such horrible events have happened during its screenings.  I think it's cursed to be honest.  Its a pity that this film will be remembered for its bad luck. Then again....this is the film that decided to make Robin a last-minute fan service so maybe it dipping from spot 1-to-3-to-7 is just justice for that atrocity. 

   Though by far the most entertaining news of this week *so far* is the Avengers DVD features leak.  I knew that Joss Whedon would give us an hilarious blooper reel and by god did he deliver.  The bloopers are hilarious to say the least!  My particular favorite being Maria Hills freak out over Coulson's death.  Who knew that she accurately predicted the reactions to millions of Clint/Coulson fangirls when they saw his death *May 4th was a sad day for many fangirls including me*.  The second feature that I found to be amazing was the deleted scene of Steve Rogers.  Man....did that scene hit me with a bunch of sad feels.  Evans, I hate you for making me feel all depressed during that scene.  I am really hoping for scenes like that in Captain America: Winter Soldier because dammit....I wanna be depressed!  I want Captain America: Winter Soldier to be a lot more serious and dark *I know that's the dreaded word thanks to Nolan* but a more serious tone works well with the Winter Soldier storyline.  Here's hoping the Russo brothers don't mess it up.

   While I would talk about more news, I've sadly been attacked by the horrible creature known as "Advanced Math" and I am losing the battle.  Seriously children....Math sucks. Don't worry...I'll try my hardest to defeat the cruel Math Monster so for now

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

Random thought:  Lately I've had some odd obsession with Assassin's Creed. I don't know why. I don't even play video games!

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