Sunday, August 26, 2012

Writers Corner #1

I hate Twilight *plain and simple* and I believe most of the comic book community does too. Twilight has this weird way of messing with peoples minds, and forcing you to become a slave of its sheer allure. I myself used to be a major "Twitard" and its all because Stephanie Meyer did an amazing job at getting girls to see themselves as Bella so they live out Bella's perfect life complete with a sexy sparkly fairy vampire. When I was a twilight fan I was more certifiably insane than I am now. Twilight took over my life practically. I talked Twilight, dreamt Twilight, took crazy pictures with Edward Cullen cardboard cutouts, and sadly the strong influence of Twilight began to take control of my writing. Before I was a Twilight fan I basically wrote fantasy/adventure novels *very poor ones to be honest* but Twilight gave me the crazy idea "Hey...Paranormal fantasy is popular. That can't be too hard to write". So I decided to take a swing at the "Forbidden Genre" using Twilight as the basis for the story.

   Despite my mind being full of terrible *and sometimes not appropriate* Twilight thoughts, I was smart enough to not include the cliche paranormal romance figures *basicly werewolves and vampires*. In order to do "research" I decided to flip on the Travel channel and watch a special on paranormal creatures seen across America. I had to find something that I could easily turn into something attractive *and dark and brooding*. Sasquatch and aliens were too predictable, and merpeople is wrong *even though it does fit into the bestiality category that Twilight loves*. My options were growing thin but my eye managed to catch the creature that nobody would ever expect to see in any kind of Young Adult Paranormal romance. I "Twilightified" Moth man. I turned him from the terrifying creature of the night into a good looking grey skinned man with a black mask/bodysuit with bright red eyes and large moth-like wings. was THAT bad.
The premise was simple to be honest.  In 1967, A young and antisocial girl named Valerie moves to West Virginia.   Soon she is swept up in a war between two different races of moth men.  It would have ended with The Silver Bridge collapsing and both our main characters being killed together. Sort of a downer ending, but I enjoy writing downer endings. It also would explain why Moth Man disappeared after the bridge collapse. I remember after reading the first couple chapters going “Wow….I just destroyed this creature". I quickly abandoned that idea out of sheer fear that if I ever posted it onto my old blog I'd get ripped to shreds by both Twilight fans and the entire state of West Virginia.  Recently I have thought of maybe redoing it but taking out the sappy romance story and have it sole focus on a more accurate interpretation of Moth Man and his connection with the bridge collapse but for now my poor Moth Man story is left abandoned.

 Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

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