Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fangirl Categories

Ever since the beginning of time, there have been fan girls.  We all know that there was some crazy girl out there OCDing over the cave paintings or how "Romeo art the most beautiful".  Except I doubt the fan girls back then are as crazy as they are now.  Modern day fan girls are very different. Instead of fangirling over sane stuff, we now got werewolves that have 12-pack abs and superheroes who do not seem to have the ability to keep their shirts on.  Not that I am complaining about sexy actors not wearing their shirts, but it has come at the cost of our sanity.  Ever since I became a fan girl I have quickly seen my sanity go down the toilet *much like Taylor Kitsch's career*.

I personally am in three major fan girl categories:

1. Slash fans.  The men of the online community seem to find us to be very...disgusting to say the least.  Its not our fault that some of the male and characters in movie make such cute couples. Sometimes they even try to force us to "ship" them.  Case in point: Charles and Erik, and Sherlock and John Watson.  The creators of the shows/movies are very aware of the crazy fangirls so they mess with our emotions. Do not lie to yourself....Charles and Erik are SO having eye sex the entire movie and dont get me started on Marvel's most popular ship "SuperHusbands".  Its pretty much safe to say that Slash ruined my life *and my iphone* in the most wonderful way.

2. Comic book movie fan girls.  I'm more of a Marvel fan girl but I used to be "Team DC" *yeah we got our own little Team war. Eat your heart out Team Edward*.  You see I used to be a bad ass Dc fan, but Green lantern and the pesky "Non-Nolan curse" Marvelized me, and now I'm just a big fluffy Marvel fan.  Currently I'm following the development of Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2, and Thor 2.  You might have noticed that I didn't include Iron man 3 on that list, well that's because I do not care for Iron man.  You can bash me in the comment section later.

3. Movie Fan girl.  Now I know what your thinking "Doesn't that count as a Comic Book movie fan girl?", well not really.  I'm willing to watch any movie as long as it gets good reviews and I enjoy watching non-CBMs. I know that's hard to believe but I do.  In fact most of the films on my "most anticipated list" are non-comic book movies.  That list includes the still Untitled Star Trek Sequel, Lincoln *because we all know that's Oscar bait*, Django Unchained and several other films that are only important to me.

Being a fangirl of both three things definitely makes life interesting, especially when I have barely anybody in real life to talk to.  Most of the time I express my inner fan girl to the people online, and my dad *who I believe doesn't know what I'm talking about*.  Hopefully with this blog I can discuss all my inner fan girl thoughts regarding certain comic book movie developments as well as the stories I am working on.  Thankfully you wont have to deal with my long fan girl freakouts till later so....

Keep Calm and Continue Fangirling

-The Fangirl

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  1. Good stuff Widow, or Fangirl, or Claire, or Natasha... Looking forward to your next freakout :P